How to Use Microsoft Excel to Trim All Characters To The Right Of…

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Trim All Characters To The Right Of The First Occurrence A Specific Character:

This is a handy technique to trim all content in a cell that appears to the right of a particular character. For instance, to delete all content to the right of the first left parenthesis in the A1 cell:


Replace the character in the double quotes witht the character that is to be found and trimmed out along with all text to the right of it.

To trim all text to the right of, but not including the character, remove the -1 from the formula equation.

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Problem: unprivileged scripts cannot invoke the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands in the Mozilla Firefox rich text editor

I had a problem pasting text into a rich text editor using Firefox 3.0 on Windows Vista. I found a way to allow it to work.

This may help, however I’m not sure about the security implications involved in changing this setting:

Open a new tab, and go the URL “about:config”
Find the setting “noscript.allowClipboard” and set it to “true”

This worked for me, hopefully it helps for you.

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Fedora 9 connect: Network is unreachable error

Ran across this installing Red Hat’s free Linux distribution Fedora Core 9 code named Suplhur. Installed totally vanilla install with the GUI anaconda front end. The box sees the NIC, and can ping within the local subnet of the LAN network, but can’t ping out. BTW, it holds a static IP on the network interface card (NIC). Gets the error:

connect: Network is unreachable error

We need to set a default route. Here’s how:

Looked in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts for the file route-eth0 but it wasn’t there.

Using vi (you can use whichever text editor you prefer) I created that file route-eth0, and put in this one line:

defult via

(note: is the LAN IP address of my router. Your router IP address may differ. So you should put in whatever the IP addres of your router is, instead. Most Netgear routers and Qwest DSL boradband modems use and Linksys uses and Belkin uses just to name some common ones.)

Then a simple task of restarting the network and testing:

# service network restart
# ping


Also, I found that the ethernet adapters weren’t starting automatically. Using the GUI taskbar/ Start Menu, I went into System Administration, then into Services, and enabled the “network” service. Then change runlevel to 3. Ping works so eth0 is up, and that happened at the runlevel change. Change to runlevel 5, test, and… yeppers, it works.

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Making text “float” around your images using CSS

The CSS property “float”, when applied to an image will cause that image to -float- over to the left or right side of the conatiner they are within. The text flows around the image as you see in magazines and newspapers.

A simple addition to your stylesheet:

img.floatLeft {
float: left;
margin: 4px;
img.floatRight {
float: right;
margin: 4px;

Then, set the img tag to use the class:

<img class="floatRight">...


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