Ubuntu / GRUB2 bootloader on Asus N90s

The system won’t boot with the normal default configuration that GRUB assigns. The APIC or something related causes the system to go to a blank screen and stay there. Manually change these settings at boot time, or permanently change them in /etc/default/grub

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”nolapic nohz=off”

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How To Tell Windows XP To Not Look For New Wireless Networks

In order to make Windows XP ignore new wireless networks, there must be some sort of registry tweak or something, right? There must be some way to force the manual setup of new wireless network connections in Windows, right? Let’s find out… After a bit of Googling came up with these:

This one may be true, but on the system I checked the checkbox mentioned was not ticked.  Not to mention, this does not keep the wireless adapter from finding, or scanning for, new wireless networks and reporting that they are in view.

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