How To Create a Multiplayer Online Flash Game

One of our most important clients asked for an assessment of Adobe Flash multiplayer online game development and its viability.

Our researchers took a look at the current landscape of the MMO Flash world, and their findings may be of interest to anyone wanting to know how to create a multiplayer online Flash game. For the moment, though, let’s cut to the chase for those who don’t want to read too far; Making a multiplayer online game, for mass usage, is a huge undertaking with the potential to require significant amounts of money to get up-and-running… i.e. it is not a venture for the weekender or the kid who made one Flash animation and now wants to take on Club Penguin or the likes. If, however, you are a brave and tenacious soul, with a thirst for knowledge and huge challenges, and the ability to follow through on a project that does not pay a penny for years, then you might want to start with deciding on a server technology.

Servers for multiplayer online games using Flash are essentially XML socket servers. This means that it allows the gamer’s interface (i.e. client) to make socket connections, via the Internet network, into the server. You might want to look at ElectroServer 4, or if you know Microsoft C# (c-sharp) try this page:

Beyond a server, you’ll need some very solid AcrionScript 3 and Flash animation skills.

If you just want to tinker, or get involved with making games with minimal effort, but still requiring some Flash skills, try where you can can get help and documentation for getting started from day 1, and find an atmosphere of encouragement for the beginning multiplayer game developer who is leaning toward Adobe Flash as the medium.

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