How to Select First Last or Range of Records in MySQL Table

When using MySQL, and wanting to retrieve the first n records from a table, one can use the LIMIT function. It can also be used to grab a range of records, not just a series starting with the first record. Use as follows:

SELECT * FROM yourtable LIMIT yourlowlimit,yourhighlimit;

This will return all rows between the number yourlowlimit and yourhighlimit inclusive.

e.g. SELECT FROM users LIMIT 20,50
will return the rows 20, 21, 22,…, 49, 50

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Outlook XP / 2002 limit of 2 gigabytes on .PST and .OST files

Using Office XP, also called Office 2002, could limit you to a 2 gigabyte file size for postoffice .PST and offline storage .OST files.

Microsoft has posted an article addressing this problem, and it recommends updating to the latest Office XP Service Pack. This was performed on a system today, and the successful SP3 update did not remove the 2 gig limitation.

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